private and commercial commissions available


illustration, pinup and design


contact me via email, and follow my social media!


Email me at [email protected] with any inquiries or questions!

~extra detailed designs +$10 USD
~extra figures +50% base price

Please supply any reference images and instructions via email (including poses, compositions, and figure likenesses)

Fully rendered portrait

~Bust: $55 USD
~Waist/Thigh Up: $85 USD
~Full Body: $100-$120 USD

flat colors
(minimal detail shading)

~Bust: $40 USD
~Waist/Thigh Up: $60 USD
~Full Body: $80 USD

(minimal detail shading)

~Bust: $25 USD
~Waist/Thigh Up: $55 USD
~Full Body: $65 USD


Couple Pinups
(two figures, half body)
~Lines (minimal detail shading) $65 USD
~Flat Color (minimal detail shading): $80 USD
~Fully Rendered: $100 USD

Full Illustrations
pricing may vary

~Extra Figures +50% base price
~Simple Background +$25 USD
~Detailed Background +$75 USD

Pet Portraits
~Painted: $75 USD
~Chibi Sticker Designs: $15

Contact & About Me

MICK KAUFER is a freelance illustrator and concept designer. Her focus and passion lie in illustration, design, and visual storytelling, where she enjoys incorporating in-depth historical research.

Contact me with any inquiries or questions, and follow my social media to catch all my new work!